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She has been diligently performing Shinto rituals as a priestess at the Dennou Sakura Shrine, but when she is asked by the gods to perform an errand for them, she comes to Japan. (When she is asked to do an errand for the gods in Japan, she meets “Tokino Sora” and decides to become a virtual shrine maiden idol.
She calls herself an “elite” idol, but there are rumors among her fans that she is a “PON”…

Date of debut: August 1, 2018

Birthday: March 5 (read as “Miko-no-hi”)

Height: 152cm

年齢 : 18.5歳

Blood type: Type O *1

Unit: hololive Generation 0

Speciality/Frequently broadcasted: Live game, Simultaneous movie watching, Planning, Occasional singing

Special Skills: Thumbnail Making, All Los Angeles (by 35P), Home cooking

illustrator: Tanaka Yuichi, ordan

3D Modeling: schwarz

Nickname : Mikochi, Elite Priestess (?)

Fan Name: 35P(read as “Miko-P”)

Cheering Mark: 🌸

Streaming Platforms: YouTube, Twitch

External Link: 公式プロフィール, Twitter, Marshmallow dedication boxTikTok

Hashtags: #さくらみこ
┣ Streaming tags: #みこなま, #みこ市長
┣ Fan Art tag: #miko_Art
┣Video Clips tag: #ミコミコ動画
┗ MMD Works tag: #さくらみこMMD

最近の出来事 : 2023/08/01 活動5周年を迎えました! みこち、本当におめでとう!み俺誇

Miko Words

  • “Nya-hello!”: Miko’s special greeting.
    Use it for streaming greetings, people you meet in the game, etc.
  • “Otsu-Miko!”: Miko’s special goodbye.
    Greetings at the end of the stream.
  • “…nye”: I use it instead of “…ne”, the particle used when expecting a positive response.
    Mikochi’s smooth tongue is hopeless and “ne” sounds like “nye”.
  • “Tentai”: I use it to say I’m a genius (“tensai” in Japanese).
    I use it when something really genius happens, but I basically use it when I’m a genius in a way.
  • “Picon!”: I use it when I have an epiphany.
    After that, it causes a PON.
  • “Miko-chiku”: To pull an all-nighter while streaming. (Portmanteau of “shachiku” (社畜, corporate slave) and “Miko” (みこ).)
    ARK’s streams is legendary. In addition, it’s decreasing recently, but I want her to take care of her own body. Go to bed~
  • “Elite”: Someone who does their best and never gives up.
    Mikochi is an elite who has nothing to say no matter who sees it. Mikochi is a hard worker.
  • “Shiketennye”: Used when the outcome is unfavorable.
    The casinos in GTA are usually dull.
  • “Miko shitteyuyo~!”: Used when I actually have no idea, or when I’ll use my shrine maiden powers to make a premonition.
    The power of the shrine maiden is immeasurable.
  • “Achu! Achu!”: Means it’s hot. (Mostly used when taking damage from lava.)
    After this, it flows to lose all the items.
  • 「み俺恥 (みおれはじ)」 : みこち、俺恥ずかしいよ… の略
  • 「み俺誇 (みおれほこ)」 : みこち、俺誇らしいよ… の略

Q & A

Q. What are your favorite things?
― A: Eroge, anime, and streaming.

Q. What’s your favorite food?
― A: Taiyaki.

Q. What are you not good at?
― A: Rock-paper-scissors and tongue twisters.

Q. What’s your nickname?
― A: Mikochi or Elite Miko.

Q. What is Miko like?
― Answered by fans:
A: Really hard worker.
A: It’s as if one of us had sacrificed good articulation and became cute in return.
A: A beautiful girl whose intelligence got sucked away by her cowlick.

Source: Official Profile, Unofficial Wiki, Wikipedia
*1 :【#ホロライブプロフィール帳】みんなに描いてもらった!【ホロライブ/宝鐘マリン】(Streaming on February 21, 2021)

Miko’s Journal